RBZ is a design house specialized in providing embedded custom solutions

RBZ for Casacom

Home communication solutions based on POF (plastic fiber optic) with ethernet and wifi connectivity to the user in the room. This fiber can be installed along with the electrical wiring. This architecture allows 1Gbps to be distributed throughout the home without the need for new conduits.

RBZ for Entrol

Sensing and actuation electronics on control panels in professional commercial aviation simulators. The electronics are connected by ethernet reducing the wiring complexity.

RBZ for Activh2o

Control equipment for chemical-free water purification system. It has real time operating system, HMI with touch screen, updates, reporting and control from Cloud system through 3G connectivity. It is capable of measuring free chlorine, PH, water flow and pressure.

RBZ for Fermax

Outdoor panel for building access intercom, allows the integration of colour video and audio over the equipment’s power supply wiring. The system is based on a low-cost FPGA that integrates a software processor, the complete video chain and an H264 codec.

RBZ for Hispaled

Point-to-point street lighting control system based on mesh communications over LoRa radio. There are installations with more than 6000 remote-controlled lights. It has an incident management, program schedule, firmware update and energy measurement.

RBZ for Laser Saphire

Development of an HMI based on imx6 RBZ module for medical environment, with client application integration and continuous Linux BSP support.

RBZ for Selex

IP for ADSB-1090 baseband FPGA signal processing with compliance to FAA aeronautical standards. It implements various algorithms for signal recovery in high radio interference environments such as airports.

RBZ for Sensedin

DIN-rail solution for aggregating measurement data from meters, thermocouples and current sensors for the Solar Decathlon competitions. Powered by UPS, local data storage and redundant sending using ethernet and mobile network.


SIMPLIA is created to provide SOMs based around crossover processors, parts that fit the gap between microcontrollers and microprocessors. These parts along with connectivity solutions allow to fulfill demanding applications into HMI, IoT and ML applications.


From the beginning of the idea for a new product until it is in production, much work need to be done.
These are the main parts that have to be accomplished, and all of which are covered by RBZ.
Depending on your needs, we can provide all or just some of these services to help you achieve your goals.

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