We have experience in designing solutions for capturing, processing, compressing and sending video by various means.

We have made designs in which the sensor interface has been adapted to the one required by the processor, treatments such as color space conversion, image correction, histogram calculation, design of automatic gain and white balance adjustment algorithms and control of motorized optics.

The image sensors used have ranged from low-cost sensors with integrated image processors to high-framerate machine vision sensors that required the development of an FPGA-based custom image processor.

As interconnection technology advances, buses see their data transmission capacity increase year after year.

These new capabilities require that aspects of signal integrity, power integrity and component selection be considered in the design. The aspects associated with production require a careful selection of materials and technology suppliers, so that the final product meets the requirements.

Some of the buses that have been included in various designs are:

  • PCIe
  • SATA
  • USB 3.0
  • HDMI
  • MIPI
  • Ethernet 10G

Wired communications systems are the most efficient and reliable way to exchange data and interconnect. Copper-based technologies coexist with fiber optic solutions.

Within the solutions we have developed wired data networks:

  • Equipment for adapting copper connections to plastic optical fibre (POF) in gigabit
  • Industrial Ethernet switch with copper and fibre connections with requirements for operation in a railway environment. Connection redundancy is available to ensure connectivity at all times
  • Ethernet network distribution equipment contained in a wall-mounted enclosure
  • Ethernet network switching and distribution systems using passive fiber optics and 10Gbps transceivers

Depending on the operating and integration requirements of the application we have experience in the selection and design of input stages for different types of sensors.

Some of the ones we use regularly are:

  • Accelerometers and MEM gyros
  • High frequency IEPE accelerometers
  • 4-20mA sensors of pH, Chlorine, Flow, Pressure… etc
  • Measurement of energy parameters in AC, such as active and reactive energy, current, harmonics…etc
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RBZ for Fermax

RBZ for Fermax

Outdoor panel for building access intercom, allows the integration of colour video and audio over the equipment's power supply wiring. The system is based on a low-cost FPGA that integrates a software processor, the complete video chain and an H264 codec.

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