The processors of the Cortex-A range are suitable for applications where complex peripherals and high level operating systems are required.

Within the available range we find consumer-oriented parts, embedded systems and communication processors.

These systems have high-speed memory buses (DDR3/4), dedicated peripherals for video processing, AI/ML and communications, and high-speed connectivity such as PCIe, SATA and 10G SERDES.

All these designs necessarily require the development of a BSP SW (Board support package) adapted to the needs of the application and the operating system chosen. This includes the development of custom drivers and other customizations.

This family of microcontrollers has a range from the simplest parts (M0) to more powerful and graphically capable systems (M7). These architectures have been implemented by many manufacturers, each of them providing their parts with different peripherals, so we can always identify a part capable of meeting the technical requirements of each project.

Some of the elements we develop are:

  • Adaptation of real time operating systems
  • Secure Bootloaders and Upgrade Systems
  • Graphic interfaces with support for different types of touch panels
  • Connectivity with Cloud systems through modem, wifi, ethernet, bluetooth and other systems

Programmable logic devices are very useful when implementing highly parallelizable processing and special peripherals, which would otherwise require specific ASICs or multiple processors.

As an example, FPGAs have a wide application scope within AI/ML, implementing advanced inference accelerators at a much lower power cost than GPUs.

In RBZ we know well the devices from different manufacturers in the market, from their low cost ranges to their most powerful parts, including systems with integrated processors (Zynq/UltraScale).

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RBZ for Activh2o

RBZ for Activh2o

Control equipment for chemical-free water purification system. It has real time operating system, HMI with touch screen, updates, reporting and control from Cloud system through 3G connectivity. It is capable of measuring free chlorine, PH, water flow and pressure.

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