Founded in 2003, the goal of RBZ is to design electronic equipment fulfilling the needs of our customers and to compliment their research and development departments. To accomplish this goal, RBZ works to be at the leading edge in electronics and embedded systems and to offer our knowledge to you.

  • Non-conformists

    We are only moved by one criterion... To move forward and reach the result.

  • Experience

    We have extensive experience... Despite being a company with an average age of 28 years.

  • Infraestructure

    We have extensive facilities to develop the full cycle of a project.

  • Hard working

    More than 250 projects undertaken in 15 years.

  • Spanish company

    We are a leading Spanish technology company... with projects all over the world.

  • Quality

    Certifications and recognition from manufacturers.

Quality as a guarantee of service

Quality guaranteed by our certifications and the recognition of important semiconductor manufacturers.