From the beginning of the idea for a new product until it is in production, much work need to be done.
These are the main parts that have to be accomplished, and all of which are covered by RBZ.
Depending on your needs, we can provide all or just some of these services to help you achieve your goals.

We will help you to define what your product shall do and to decide the most appropriate architecture to accomplish your targets.
Your ideas become real hardware. Schematics and PCBs are created using the specifications and the first prototypes come to life.
Few current electronic systems can be conceived without software.
Our experts customize the operating system, create the drivers, and finally build applications.
Usually the systems are part of bigger systems, during the integration phase the designed system is polished to make it fit inside the whole system.
Depending on the market systems need to pass different electrical and mechanical tests. We can take care of this process.
Your product is ready. We can do the production and testing for you.

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RBZ for Laser Saphire

RBZ for Laser Saphire

Development of an HMI based on imx6 RBZ module for medical environment, with client application integration and continuous Linux BSP support.

Quality as a guarantee of service

Quality guaranteed by our certifications and the recognition of important semiconductor manufacturers.