Based on the specifications we make the electronic design, from the schematics and simulations to the PCB. With our service of rapid prototyping the hardware is ready for test in very short time.

There are four basic processes to create the hardware of an electronic system:

  • SIMULATION – Designs that involve Analog and/or RF circuits need to be simulated first, this way we achieve better results in the first prototype. Simulation reduces the cost and time to market.
  • SCHEMATICS – We have been working with Altium Designer for many years. RBZ speeds up the designs and makes them more reliable, by re-using parts and circuits already tested in other designs.
  • PCB – Altium is also the CAD tool used by our engineers. They make a very detailed work routing the PCB and have experience in high speed buses, like PCIe or DDR3, low noise analog designs and RF circuits.
  • PROTOTYPE MANUFACTURING – Our production department has the equipment and capability to build prototypes in a very short time with high quality.
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RBZ for Casacom

RBZ for Casacom

Home communication solutions based on POF (plastic fiber optic) with ethernet and wifi connectivity to the user in the room. This fiber can be installed along with the electrical wiring. This architecture allows 1Gbps to be distributed throughout the home without the need for new conduits.

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Quality guaranteed by our certifications and the recognition of important semiconductor manufacturers.