Often designs are part of a larger systems. We give support during the integration phase, adjusting the design and providing solutions, so that all the pieces fit properly.
A system is an aggregation of subsystems cooperating so it is able to deliver the overall functionality.
Most electronics designed by RBZ are part of a bigger system, and it is necessary to integrate all of them in order to make it work flawlessly.
Some important skills are necessary to accomplish the goal in acceptable time.

  • BROAD VIEW – Our engineers are used to designing many different products in various markets which is invaluable in reducing the time of troubleshooting interface problems.
  • HW & SW KNOWLEDGE – Some of our engineers have deep knowledge of HW and SW, this is important to have a global view and reduce time to enclose the problem.
  • PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS – RBZ selects its technical staff by judging their problem solving skills.
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RBZ for Entrol

RBZ for Entrol

Sensing and actuation electronics on control panels in professional commercial aviation simulators. The electronics are connected by ethernet reducing the wiring complexity.

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