We carry out the team qualification process according to different standardized norms and based on the protocols established by the client. These include CE, IEC and FCC.

Different markets and countries have different qualification processes.We keep in mind this compliance from the beginning of the design.
We also offer these services:

  • TAKING CARE OF THE QUALIFICATION PROCESS – The customer contracts the certification lab, and we can assist you in the lab. Rest assured, we will make all the necessary changes in the design until it passes the qualification.
  • MARKING – CE, IEC, FCC, EN50155 are familiar to us, but if you require something new we can adapt to it.
  • TESTING EQUIPMENTS – During the qualification process, external testing systems are usually necessary to verify the normal operation of the system. We can build these.
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RBZ for Fermax

RBZ for Fermax

Outdoor panel for building access intercom, allows the integration of colour video and audio over the equipment's power supply wiring. The system is based on a low-cost FPGA that integrates a software processor, the complete video chain and an H264 codec.

Quality as a guarantee of service

Quality guaranteed by our certifications and the recognition of important semiconductor manufacturers.