We can help you define the functionality and architecture that best fits your needs.

Is the most important part of the design and any error in this process can involve delays and therefore economic penalties.We can help with the creation of the specifications proposing the architectures that could best fit your needs.

This service is mainly based on:

  • Functionality
  • Mechanical constraints
  • Budget constraints
  • Operation constraints
  • Compliant constraints
  • Annual production

A document collecting all the requirements and the architecture of the system is created and agreed upon with the customer. This is the base to design your product.

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RBZ for Hispaled

RBZ for Hispaled

Point-to-point street lighting control system based on mesh communications over LoRa radio. There are installations with more than 6000 remote-controlled lights. It has an incident management, program schedule, firmware update and energy measurement.

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